Meet The Team

Here at Greatest Drives we have a massive team of 3! One of which is the dog, it’s not something reserved for Top Gear!

Kevin Webb - Automotive Geek (or enthusiast if you ask him)Kevin Webb

We asked Kevin to write this section but he couldn't find his crayons.

Greatest Drives' self titled head of Engineering, Kevin loves Driving. He drives anything from a Paddle Steamer (actually true) to a Porsche and everything in between. Kevin has been an oily fingered chap since the day he was allowed out of the tool box, and has buggered up increasingly expensive mechanical things ever since.

Kev’s weapon of choice at the moment is a Renault Clio 200 Cup. He describes it as being small, fast and effective.

When asked about his dream car an otherwise quiet Kevin sprang into life and talked enthusiastically about a Quad-Rotor Mazda RX-7... when asked why, Kevin paused for effect, gave me the thousand yard stare and said, “just for the noise”.

Kevin is hoping that Greatest Drives will afford him a legitimate excuse to spend a disproportionately large amount of time behind the wheel of somebody else's car on some of the best roads and circuits in the world.

Callum Reckless - Playboy of Greatest Drives & Daydream BelieverCallum Reckless

Unlike Kevin, Callum has no trouble finding his crayons and can talk about himself until the cows come home and go out again.

Callum has little to no engineering knowledge but is learning quickly. He even knows which way to turn nuts and bolts now, and has stopped biting the spanners.

Callum describes himself as having an excellent imagination and a drive to make the unlikely occur - a recent 10-day project to turn a bog standard Mazda RX8 into a full on track car demonstrates this. (Couldn't have done it without the GD Head of Engineering - Kev).

Callum runs a web design company in the day and then fills the rest of his time with sport and cars. His latest best friend is his Porsche Cayman S which he has already broken (cue full engine rebuild). Top speed runs on unrestricted continental roads and comedy brake tests from warp speed took their toll it would seem.

Callum agreed to start Greatest Drives as it gave him a good excuse to get free entry to many motoring events and to hopefully allow him to save enough pennies to buy the R8 Spyder, this is quite unlikely!

Branston the Dog

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