About Us

Road Trips in the AlpsGreatest Drives came into existence after a few random and entertaining drives in two of our favourite toys. After looking for good roads that were challenging, entertaining and had scenery to boot; it became obvious that there was nowhere on the web that focussed on the greatest driving roads! Callum & Kevin wanted to create a hub where fellow enthusiasts could come and find roads that they could really enjoy driving. Greatest Drives was born!

What we want to create is a community for fellow car enthusiasts to share experiences. Drives that you can do, in cars that you already own! Forget drag racing a Veyron in Dubai or racing a plane to the South of France, that’s for tea time! We want to make you aware of the attainable thrills that are there, waiting for you to enjoy.

We hope that the site will be useful and that the content will be heavily contributed to by yourselves, we want to hear from you, comment on other members drives and write up your own. If you feel like the site is missing something then please tell us, after all it is your site to enjoy! Greatest Drives is completely free to use and enjoy. Built for you, by you.