The Beauty of The A697

added on April 26th, 2010 Register to download TomTom itinerary

Drive Stats

Distance 111.2 kilometres
Location England » North East
Car Used AC - Cobra
Type of Drive Short Blast


I was originally made aware of this route by Top Gear, so thought it best that I take a run up North to have a blast. Managing to convince my girlfriend that I was being a romantic by taking her on a shopping trip to Edinburgh was the icing on the cake of this great trip. Thankfully I headed out on a weekday so there was minimal traffic and the weather was mercifully pleasant for this time of the year. The run took about an hour with scenery stops but could be done a lot quicker if you don't stop and have a somewhat more aggressive attitude toward the 'loud' pedal. Long straights, open roads and sweeping corners (with some more hairy stuff later in the drive) make this a fun, safe and highly enjoyable drive!

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