Northumberland National Park

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Distance 75.7 kilometres
Location England » North West
Car Used Vauxhall - Vectra
Type of Drive Short Blast


We drove this route on the way back from Edinburgh en route to York. Northumberland is a relatively hilly national park but this is why the A68 is so much fun. A short while after Jedburgh to the north you cross the summit of a mountain range where the Scottish/England border lays. Here you can stop and take in the views, photograph the Welcome to Scotland sign (there wasn't a welcome to England one though!!) and the large stones with Scotland and England engraved on the sides that face each country. As you get into the National park there are a series of peaks and troughs in the hills which enable you to see for miles, the road panning away in front of you. There are a number of wind farms in the area too if large propellers float your boat. As you get nearer to Hadrians Wall and the A69 the road becomes immense. Nowhere else in England have I seen signs that warn of severe dips in the road. You can see where speeding vehicles have taken chunks out of the tarmac in the dips. The only thing I can akin it to is a roller coaster. A real thrill ride of a road.

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