Cat and Fiddle

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Drive Stats

Distance 19.0 kilometres
Location England » North West
Car Used Abarth - Grande Punto
Type of Drive Short Blast


The Cat And Fiddle is a road in England running between Buxton, Derbyshire and Macclesfield, Cheshire. It gets its name from a pub at its summit, a popular meeting point for bikers and motorists alike. Formed by parts of the A537, A54 and A53 it offers scenic views across Greater Manchester, the Peak District National Park and the Cheshire Plain. More importantly it offers some fantastic driving. Lots of different bends from fast sweepers to really tight technical stuff. Treat this road with respect tho, it has claimed many lives over the years mostly owing to excessive speed. The road draws you in to push hard but you can easily end up on the wrong side of the white lines and in the front of something big and heavy - like a lorry. This is a main arterial route between Macclesfield and Buxton, so expect it to be busy. Most of the route os covered by a 50mph limit, and the police have been known to deploy a helicopter to watch for speeding motorists. The Cat & Fiddle is extremely popular with motorcyclists, and is regularly classed as one of the most dangerous roads in the UK.

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