Bala Ffestiniog Loop

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Drive Stats

Distance 67.1 kilometres
Location Wales » North Wales
Car Used Abarth - 500
Type of Drive Short Blast


This short blast takes you from Bala, up and over the old Ffestiniog Pass, and then back to Bala in a 40 mile loop. The Ffestiniog Pass is a little known B-Road, fast in places with enough visibility to really push on without risking a head-on. The road twists and undulates enough to draw a grin and can actually be quite dicey when pushing on in the wet. The sheep can be a nuisance, with nothing to stop them getting on the road they seem to be bored of living and aspire to a date with a hot oven and some mint sauce. Sheep make big dents - so be careful. I've done this drive many times in my life, and still havn't got bored. I have particularly fond memories of childhood holidays - this being Dads preferred route to Harlech on the coast. Dad caining the arse off his 1.4 Renault 11, trailer tent in tow and car loaded with kids and camping gear. 40mph felt fast in those days.... This is probably worth combining with some other drives if you are travelling in from a distance, but you can also use the route as a more interesting way of reacing the coast - just dont follow the loop back to Bala! You get some cracking views around Llyn Celyn reservoir.

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screampie on April 13th, 2010


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