Col De Turini

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Drive Stats

Distance 38.7 kilometres
Location Italy » Lombardy - Italian Lakes
Car Used Renault - Clio
Type of Drive Road Trip


Another route endorsed by the top gear boys, this is one of the most famous roads in the world as it has been used as a stage on World Rally Championship for the last 50 years. This drive runs between Sospel and La Bollene. The Cole De Turini route climbs to a maximum altitude of over 5000 feet and offers some of the best scenery imaginable. Running from Sospel in the South and ending in La Bollene in the North, Cole De Turini rises to an altitude of 5272 feet and has some spectacular scenery. Judging by the pictures and the map, this is one twisty, narrow, dangerous route. I think the GD boys should pick their nuts up and go drive this sucker!

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